Matty has worked as a Designer, Illustrator, Artist, Pirate, Studio motivator and Beer connoisseur for six years. With the philosophy that the more skulls/skills and knowledge he can acquire the better designer and communicator he will become.

Hungry for new ideas and new techniques, Matty has travelled the world in search of knowledge, friendship and inspiration. He's been living the dream working as a full-time freelance designer, illustrator and all round nice guy in an airy little East London studio since March 2014.

He can help you with brand creation or perhaps help steer the wayward ship. He can also create an Ad campaign your mum would love and take it from concept to the very last EDM... Why must EDM's be a thing - anyway back on track. Matty draws for at least 10 minutes out of every working hour (drawing is a drug and I need to score) so storyboards, illustrations, character design, landscapes, renders, concept drawings and key advertising/brand assets are all in his neat little bag of tricks. 

Sounds alright doesn't it?

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